You must be 18+ to register for our referral programme with a valid PayPal account. Payouts are made at the end of each month via PayPal.

You must not use any illegal or immoral ways of promoting Buildcloud or your referral code.

Every referred company must sign up with their card and go over the files or projects paywall so that they subscribe to Buildcloud Starter to qualify you for a payout. One payout is earned for each company (not a payout per company user).

Referred companies using Buildcloud Free do not qualify you for a payout, but a payout will be earned if these companies convert to a paid account at a later date, enter their credit card details, and go over the files or project paywall so that they subscribe to Buildcloud Starter.

We can withdraw your account at any time if we think you're cheating or abusing the system.

We can change the referral terms at any time, including how much you get paid, how much the user discount is, how often you get paid and method payment.

We can withdraw the Buildcloud Rewards system whenever we want without notice.

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