When you are inviting your project team to your Buildcloud project there are two types of invite you can use:

Full Member: These users should be part of your company, and in the app they will be added to your company so you can manage their account permissions. They will also be added to ALL of your company's projects. Use this type of invite for people who you work closely with in the same office, and who you share all or most of your projects with.

Guest: These users are still part of the project team, but they will be creating their own company on Buildcloud. They will only be invited to the projects you choose. Use this type of invite for users who you are working with on a project but who are sub contractors or companies you are working along side with.

All users are unlimited, so you can add as many users as you like, and you can remove any company from your project, or user from your team, whenever you need to.

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