Buildcloud task lists are really easy to use. You can assign tasks to team members in seconds, add ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, plus receive notifications when tasks are completed. This is great for building snagging lists and keeping your project on track.

Create your task lists

Every project on Buildcloud can have multiple task lists. For example you could have lists for 'Kitchen', 'Downstairs Bathroom', and 'Hallway', or keep things simple with one big list.

To create your first list in the mobile app open your project, then go to the tasks tab.

iOS tabs:

Android tabs:

Please note, your documents, site notes and drawings are together in the documents tab, making things easier to find.

To create a new list press + at the top (this is the same for iOS and Android). Name your task list and your blank list will be created. Repeat this for multiple lists.

If you are on your laptop, open your project and press + New list on the left hand column.

Add tasks to your lists

Each task list can have as many tasks as you need. Each task can have a title, description, before photos, after photos, who it is assigned to, and comments. Just tap Add new task... at the bottom of the task list you would like to add your new task to.

You don't have to assign tasks right away, so you can build your list with just titles, descriptions, then assign tasks or add before photos later on.

You can also move a task to another task list on the same project, by editing the task and changing the list.

Assign tasks to your team

You can assign any task to anyone on your project team. When you assign a task to a user they are sent a notification that a task has been assigned to them. A news post is also created for the task at this time, and your team can comment on this news post and the comments will also be attached to the task.

You can reassign tasks to another user by editing the task.

Add before photos to your task

When you create a new task you can add before photos, from your mobile or laptop. This is really useful to track progress, and to ensure your team know exactly what they are working on. If you are creating tasks while on site, you can take a photo with your mobile phone right away of exactly what needs working on.

Just tap the photo icon when creating or editing a task to add a new photo.

Marking a task completed and adding after photos

Tasks can be marked as complete from the main task list, just tap the circle next to the task and it will change to a filled in circle. When someone marks a task complete they are prompted to upload after photos. This helps your team get in the habit of closing tasks on site, and taking a photo right away, to help you track progress.

You can also mark a task complete from your laptop in the same way, or from the task screen via the toggle at the bottom. 

When you mark a task complete, the person who created the task receives a notification that you have completed the task, and the news feed is updated too.

A completed task will remain on the list for 24 hours, and then it is moved to the completed list. Tap the completed tasks count on the mobile app to view these completed tasks.

Filtering your tasks

You can filter your tasks on the mobile app by selecting at the top who's tasks you would like to see. By default you see everyone's tasks, but you can filter this to yourself, or any team member.

Notifications and news posts

As mentioned already, a new post is created for each task when it is assigned. This keeps your team up to date, and lets them comment on a task if they need to.

Notifications are also sent out when a task is assigned, and when it is completed too, keeping everyone in the loop.

Cross platform availability

Buildcloud's task lists are available on iPhone, Android and your Laptop.

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