Buildcloud sends out mobile and email notifications whenever something happens on your projects, this way it keeps you up to date when you are off site or when your team are adding new files.

If you are using the iOS app and have allowed the app to send you mobile notifications then you will just be sent a mobile notification for each action. If you are using the android app or the web app then Buildcloud will send you an email notification instead.

Users on iOS only get email notifications if you have turned mobile notifications in Buildcloud off. You can turn off your notifications for Buildcloud in your phones settings.

Mobile notifications are coming to Android soon.

As well as real time notifications Buildcloud sends you a daily report every morning of all actions across your projects, rounded up in one easy to read email.

The daily report can be completely muted for all projects, just go to your profile page and edit your profile, there is a toggle to turn the daily digest/report off. Turning of the daily report will not turn of mobile or email notifications.

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