Multi platform

Buildcloud offers a iOS app and Android app that are both free to download. You can also login to Buildcloud on your laptop, and there is a simple mobile view you can use on your tablet too.

Everything is synchronised between everyone's devices.

Multi project

Buildcloud supports multiple projects, with their own news feeds, task lists, documents, drawings and project teams. Everything, across all your projects, is in one easy to access place.

Find out how to create your first project.

NEW! Project task lists 

Keep track of every little job with project task lists. Create multiple task lists per project, assign tasks to your project team and keep track of progress. Whenever you create a new task you can upload before photos, and when your team completes a task they are prompted to upload after pictures, adding to your record of the build.

Find out how to work with task lists

Project news feeds

Every project on Buildcloud has a news feed, where all your updates, uploads, photos, and comments live. Buildcloud creates automatic posts when you upload files to keep your team up to date, and you can post photos, questions, updates and issues there too. It's as easy as Facebook to use, but everything can only be seen by the people you in invite to your projects.

Secure file storage and sharing

Buildcloud stores all your files securely and safely in the cloud, including drawings, site notes and contractual documents. Users you invite to your projects can access these files on their mobile phone or laptop, so everyone has access to the latest drawings and documents on site and in the office.

Find out more about uploading files to Buildcloud.

Shared photo stream

Every project in Buildcloud has it's own shared photo stream, so you can track progress and identify problems before they become an issue. Whenever you upload to the photo stream Buildcloud creates an automatic news post on the news feed so anyone on your team can comment on your photos. Photos are unlimited on all Buildcloud plans.

Drawing versioning

Make sure no one builds from outdated plans again! You can upload a new version of any drawing from your mobile or laptop, the new version will be synced with everyones devices so they all have access to the latest drawing.

Mobile document upload and file checker

With buildcloud there is no need to go back to the office to upload a new file or drawing. Files can be uploaded to Buildcloud from your mobile phone, just open the file from your email and send it to the Buildcloud app.

The buildcloud mobile app even checks your file in case it is a drawing revision and suggests to you which existing file it should replace! The more files you upload, the smarter the file name checker gets.

Find out more about mobile uploads and the file checker.

Read Receipts

Keep track of who has seen your drawings and other files with read receipts built right into the app. Just add read receipts when you upload a file and the app will track who has seen your files, and remind them to view your new files in the daily report. You can view an audit of who viewed each file, and when, whenever you need to.

Find out more about read receipts.

Real time mobile and email notifications

Never miss a thing on your projects with mobile and email notifications. Buildcloud will inform your team of any change on your project with a mobile notification, or an email notification for users who are on their laptops.

Automatic daily report

Every morning Buildcloud sends you a daily report of all your project activity on Buildcloud. This makes it easy to get up to speed over your morning cuppa, and if you are the person who normally has to write these reports, then it saves you the hard work.

Find out more the daily report.

Unlimited users

Buildcloud only shares your projects with the users you invite. You can invite users to your own team who will have access to all your projects, or you can invite guest users who can only see the projects you invite them to. Users are unlimited on all plans, so there are no extra costs when your business grows.

Find out more about users and invites.

Mobile invites and team management

You can invite users and manage your project team right in the mobile app, and invites only require an email or a mobile number. You can even quickly invite users from your mobile contacts list.

One subscription for the whole company

Buildcloud has one simple monthly subscription for all your team and your guests. The first plan is Buildcloud Starter which includes 5 projects and 100 files which is just £9 per month for your whole team.

We count your files and projects to ensure you are always on the right plan for what you need, and we automatically downgrade you to a lower plan if we need to. You only ever pay for exactly what you use, for example if you use the next plan up, Buildcloud Professional, for just a week then you only pay for a week of that subscription.

Find out more about Buildcloud subscriptions.

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