When you upload a file via the web app or mobile app to Buildcloud you have the option of adding read receipts for that file, it's just a tick box during the upload process. This means all the users on your project will be reminded to view the new file, and you can view an audit of who has opened each file. This helps you ensure that no one has missed any new drawings or important documents.

In the app, files with a read receipt that have not been opened have a green dot next to them.

The green dot will go away once you have viewed the file, and the fact that you have viewed the file will be recorded in the audit .

You can view the audit for each file in the web app on your laptop, just click the more menu (three dots), and select Seen by.

Once each user has seen a file, the audit will show the time and date the file was seen.

Users are also reminded in their Daily Report of any outstanding files they need to view, so no one misses a thing.

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