Buildcloud has two types of user invites, Full Member and Guest.

Guest users are people from another company, they can only see the projects you invite that company to

Full member users are part of your company and are automatically added to all your companies projects.

Here is an example of what this looks like when viewed on the desktop app, here Belson Construction own the project and all the other companies, including the client, are guests.

From this we can see Belson Construction own the project (there is a little house by their name), and the other companies all have file upload permissions on this project (a little file by their name). These guest permissions are set on a project by project basis when you invite them.

There are a few edits that can be made here: -

To remove a whole guest company you just click the green icon with a person and an x next to their name. This would remove this company and all its users from this particular project.

To add a new guest company you would just tap + Add User and invite one of the users from the new company to your project as a guest, if they already have an account they will be added along with any other users they have on Buildcloud. If they don't have an account they can make one, and invite other users if they need to.

The other edit you can make is you can remove an individual from your company, just from this project. By default Buildcloud adds all your company users to any new project you make, but if you are a large company you might like to fine tune this. To remove a user in your own company from an individual project click on their initials and you can delete them from the project.

These permissions are useful for larger companies, but for smaller companies you will find the default permissions are normally best.

You can view all your teams and their members on the team tab in the Apple and Android app too.

Don't forget that the news feed and notifications will let you know of every invite and user that enters your project, so you can easily keep an eye on who is on your project team.

If you have any issues with these permissions, or have invited Guest users as Full Members by mistake, just get in touch and we can fix things up for you.

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