When you subscribe to Buildcloud you subscribe to Buildcloud Starter on a monthly billing cycle.

You will be billed on the same day every month and we will send you a PDF invoice for your records.

If you go over the limits of your Buildcloud Starter plan we move you onto Buildcloud Professional, and then Buildcloud Enterprise if you need it. The remainder of your Buildcloud Starter plan for your billing month is credited to your account, and then you are charged for the remainder of your billing month at the new rate (minus the refunded days on your previous plan).

This way you only ever pay for what you actually use. It's the new fairer way of billing that many software as a service companies are now using, rather than the old way of charging customers for plans they might not need right now.

When you billing cycle comes around again you will be billed for a month on your new plan rate, unless you downgraded again before that date comes around.

Everything will be outlined on your PDF invoice, right down to how many days you were charged on each plan that month.

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