Buildcloud has a free plan, and 3 paid plans: Buildcloud Starter, Buildcloud Professional and Buildcloud Enterprise.

All plans come with unlimited users and images, but different amounts of projects and files:

Buildcloud Free: 1 project and 20 files

Buildcloud Starter: 5 projects and 100 files

Buildcloud Professional: 25 projects and 1000 files

Buildcloud Enterprise: Unlimited projects and files

We count how many projects and files you have, to ensure you are always on the best plan for what you need. The project count is a count of current projects, not new projects per month. For example you can have up to five projects at any one time on Buildcloud Starter. The file count works in the same way, it's a count of current files (not including images).

You can delete a project and it no longer counts towards your project count, and we will downgrade your plan if your new project count and file count falls into a new subscription. If you delete a project but your file count is still higher than the lower plan allowance we do not downgrade you, as our plans all have a project and/or file limit, but deleting a project normally deletes a few files as well!

If you add a project or file that is over your current subscription plan allowance we will move you up a plan.

This way you can downgrade and upgrade plans automatically. We only ever charge you for exactly what you use, so you can upgrade for just one day, then downgrade the next day, and you will only be charged for one day on the higher plan.

To upgrade from your Free account to Buildcloud starter you just need to login at

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