Buildcloud Plans

You can try Buildcloud for free with one project and 20 files, images and users are unlimited on all plans including our free plan.

When you are ready you can easily upgrade to Buildcloud Starter, just login using your Buildcloud account at where you can enter your billing and credit card details.

Buildcloud Starter
is £9/$12 USD a month and comes with:

🏠 5 Projects
🗄️ 100 Files
📷 Unlimited images
👫  Unlimited users
👋 Fanatical support

Paying for your subscription and moving plans

We use Stripe to process all payments and recurring subscriptions, so all your information is safe and secure, and we will send you a PDF invoice every month. You only need one subscription for your whole company as all our plans come with as many company and guest users as you need.

If you go over the plan limits of Buildcloud Starter we will move you to Buildcloud Professional and then to Buildcloud Enterprise if you need it.

We will warn via email you as you get close to your plan limits in case you don't wish to upgrade, then you can simply delete some projects or files to stay within your limits.

(If you are in paying in USD then the prices are $12, $65 and $330)

Fair Pricing

We only ever charge you for what you use, if you upgrade to Buildcloud Professional for a week, and then drop back down to Buildcloud Starter, you will only be charged a week at the higher rate. This way you only ever pay for what you need. Everything will be detailed on your PDF invoice.

Cancelling your subscription

You can drop us a message to cancel your subscription any time, or you can delete your projects and go down to one project and 25 files to downgrade back to Buildcloud Free.

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