Creating your first project in Buildcloud is easy. On the mobile app (iPhone or Android), just head to the Projects screen and then tap Add new project...

Next enter your project name and your blank project will be created. Everyone who is in your company will be added to the project automatically, and then you can choose to invite any extra guest users by going to the Team tab in your new project.

All users are unlimited on any Buildcloud plan, so go ahead and add your whole project team. You can read about Full Member and Guest invites here.

On the desktop app it's just as simple, login to Buildcloud at and you will be taken to your project dashboard, click Add new project and complete the form (you get the option to add some extra info on the desktop app but only project name is required, the rest is optional).

The next step is to upload some files to your project and create some task lists.

Uploading files to your projects

Working with task lists

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